Rebentify Scheduling Online RTI/EI Scheduler

Product Description

Rebentify Scheduling is a robust RTI/EI scheduler that automates and simplifies RTI scheduling for students, teachers and administrators.

Product Details

  • Speed: Rebentify Scheduling utilizes specially configured servers that provide unparalleled network speeds and 99% website uptime.
  • Versatility: Rebentify Scheduling has been custom tailored to fit our customer's needs. This allows us to offer a wide set of features for countless, different situations.
  • Affordability: Rebentify Scheduling was built to operate with few expenses. This allows us to provide our customers with superb prices.
  • Simplicity: Confusing interfaces are so bothersome; Rebentify Scheduling was specifically designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind.


Rebentify Scheduling was built with minimal expenses so we can charge our customers the lowest rates.

Ease of Use

With video tutorials and an intuitive user-interface, RTI scheduling has never been so easy.

Powerful Servers

We use a powerful, multi-threaded server solution which results in instant server response time.

Video Tutorials

A plethora of video tutorials can walk you through every feature that Rebentify Scheduling offers.

Attendance Accountability

Rebentify Scheduling’s intuitive attendance system makes sure that all students are accounted for.

Nightly Backups

We backup user information off site every night to ensure the highest level of accountability with user data.

Easy Implementation

Importing user data has never been easier with Rebentify Scheduling. Use G-Suite, a csv file, nearly any form of common data file and we can import it directly into our database!

Self-managed software

Our automated processes and simplified user interface mean that your school’s IT department won’t have to worry about managing Rebentify Scheduling.

Analytics & Data

Detailed reports on student attendance, participation, sign-up locations, etc.