About Rebentify Technologies

About Rebentify Technologies

Rebentify Technologies is a small startup company located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The company was founded with the ideology of building low cost products that are superior to competitors!

Rebentify Technologies was created by two juniors at The Fond du Lac High School in 2016. We gained our programming knowledge by building an application for our athletic department. But after we finished that application, we decided to take on another endeavor: redesigning our school’s online Response to Intervention (RTI) scheduling program.

Our school gave us the green light, giving us 100 days to craft our proposed RTI scheduler. We pledged to fix the numerous bugs, crashes and security vulnerabilities that existed in our school’s previous online RTI scheduler.

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Isaiah Zupke

Isaiah is a high-energy team leader who oversees all aspects of the company.

Kevin Wuest

Kevin leads the development process, using his years of programming experience to design optimized, efficient and easy-to-use programs.

Rebentify Technologies LLC